Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother Nature Is Not Happy

It is very hard to believe that so many people right now are suffering all around the world due to mother nature's wrath. As I browse through all the articles on natural disasters in the past two months my heart breaks into thousands of pieces.The graphic images of people crying and injured in the streets will follow me forever. The pictures are hard to stomach and the statistics are even more disturbing. But what are people really doing around the world to help? Please don't get me wrong and think this is an article to get you to donate money. It is the complete opposite. All I want to do is inform people on all the pain that is being felt across the world at this time. An event that lasted 35 seconds on the small island of Haiti changed the country forever. More than half of the country was under the age of eighteen which left thousands of children homeless and orphaned. The countries poor building codes failed and the rubble is whats left of the poor concrete construction. To my generation that has seen so many natural and man made disasters understand the power of people. That when we come together leaving aside race,religion,politics,and economic status behind we can achieve great things. We are only separated by oceans not galaxies which makes it that much easier to help our neighbors. We have had our share of natural disaster here on our own land and know that nature is nothing to mess with. Now with the seventh largest earthquake in recorded history to shake our earth, we have to understand that the smallest aid will help. The devastation that has come along with these events is greater than we can imagine and will be around for years to come. Be proactive and inform yourself on world news and the things you can do to help. As time passes and more things like this happen I realize how precious life is and how important it is to live everyday to its fullest. Get out there and help! Take one day at a time travel,see the world and write about it!

Coffee & Snow

I woke up this morning to the beautiful site of an early March Snow. Not just another day but another day in paradise. Everyday that passes seems to impress me more and more. So I get out of bed and make my way down the snow filled streets for my morning cup of inspiration. This is not just any ordinary place where you find a little snow. Lake Tahoe is a place of rejuvenation and contemplation. A place where a man can be free in some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man. I can breath easy knowing that the air up here is purified by nature and nothing more. A grey blanket is drawn over Lake Tahoe today and the far shore is nearly invisible to the naked eye, a very familiar site after spending most of the winter here. So I sit here in this coffee shop and take in the world from behind these big glass windows that expose the shop to the outside. I come here often and sit alone with my ceramic cup of Costa Rican blended coffee and enjoy the company of strangers conversating and going on with their lives. I sit in the same place every time I come in here. From my wooden table and chair in the back of the shop I can see everything that is going on. From the single mother with three children pulling at her jacket and running around like a stampede to the old man reading his morning paper over a bagel. Everyone has their own agenda, and everyone has their own goals. Maybe one of the reasons why I am here today in this place so far away from my own home and family. My dreams have taken me many amazing places so far in my life and this is just another stop on my journey to become the man I want to be. I have learned how to appreciate the value of one slice of bread and the last drop of milk. From my last penny falling through the hole in my jeans to hitchhiking in the middle of the night fifteen miles to get home in a snowstorm. I know now I can survive anywhere I am and I can make the best out of any situation. Hard times never mean the end! The hard times are only here to make us stronger and to build us into the individuals we were born to be. With every sip comes a thought and with every gulp comes a new idea to my mind. This is no ordinary Coffee shop it is a passage to my dreams and just a small stop on my road to personal achievement. This is my first public blog and I really do not know what to expect as a response. All I know it is how I feel at the moment and when someone feels good about doing or (writing) something the share it. So here it is short but to the point and a great start to many future posts. Take life one day at a time and travel, see the world and write about it!